We Learned Together As a Team

When I decided to take my company into a new direction, I knew that it was going to be hard for some of my employees to shift their focus. One of the things that I would need them to become skilled in is the art of negotiation. I knew that not everyone is gifted with this knack, but I also knew that anyone was able to be successful at it too. All that was needed was the proper motivation and training. I looked on the Internet and was able to find negotiator-pro. I was able to order some negotiation games from this site, and they have made all of the difference in my teams.

None of them had ever had to rely on their sales skills to make a living, at least while employed with me, but it was going to become a necessity in order for us to stay in business. I had the utmost of confidence in every team member though, especially after reading about the games that we could do together to build up everyone's negotiation skills. This is actually one of the best ideas I had, because it showed us where certain strengths were for people as well as areas where we all needed some help.

Though it was a very serious matter, we also had a lot of fun working together as a group in solving some of the exercises. What was really nice was that it was directed not just to aggressive people but to those who are on the timid side as well. It taught them that they do not have to be mean or pushy in order to excel with their negotiations. By the time we were done, everyone felt a lot more confident in their abilities to get the job done, and the bottom line has definitely reflected that too.

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