Getting Ready for the Charity Run

I am somehow in charge of promotions for the charity run this year. My Dad got stuck with the job somehow and he simply stuck me with it. He told me some sort of nonsense about this being something that would be good for my resume and that it would be very compelling to a potential employer. Of course he just did not want to do it and he figured that he could make me do it by threatening to stop paying my car insurance. He was right. It is not that terrible really, mostly I get promotional drink bottles and that sort of thing. I am not in charge of the actual advertisements of the race at all. Take A Look

Thinking About Corporate Gifts for Employees

Every holiday season, my company purchases corporate products for our employees. These gifts have varied over the years, but have ranged from things such as blankets to personal radios. It's not a big gift, but just a little something to say thank you to our employees, and remind them that we value their service. It has our logo printed on it, so it also does the job of advertising our company. If they decide to give the item to a friend or family member, the brand message will carry on.

I've been put in charge of selecting and ordering these items this year. It feels like I have a lot of time to make a decision, but I know that the holiday will creep on me soon. Take A Look