Best Fancy Restaurants in Berwick

I am in Berwick right now, with my fiancee and we have been having a nice trip so far. We have spent the last couple of hours shopping in town, and before we go back to our hotel for the night, I would like to find a nice place to eat before we head back. I am going to want to eat somewhere fairly fancy, but I am not sure exactly what I want to eat. I guess I want to start looking for berwick restaurants that have good menus and great food.

I am not sure exactly what I want to eat, but I am kind of in the mood for a nice steak. If I go that route, then I would like to get a pretty nice cut of meat, and I might actually go for a porterhouse. Take A Look

Just Got Settled into My New Place

I am finally moved out of the place that I had been sharing with a couple of guys I met while I was studying at UNC Greensboro. We had one of those old houses out in the neighborhood near Spring Garden and Tate Street. I liked it a lot when I was going to college, because it was within an easy bike ride of all of my classes. Now I have to get my own place and I am going to be paying all of my bills too. I guess the north carolina time warner company is not going to get my business though. I just could not afford what they were charging, not by myself at least. We got it and split the cost four ways. It was around 170 dollars a month and some of the time we would rent a couple of pay per view movies or get the UFC fights, something like that.

So a it was averaging about fifty dollars a month when I was splitting the cost with three other guys. That got you the cable tv, internet and some DVR's. You had to have those if you wanted to get High Def and once you have watched sports in high def it is awfully hard to get along with just standard def TV. I had no car payment at that time either, like I said I was riding my bike to class and if I needed a car I would get my Mom to lend me hers. I was on her insurance as well, so that was not so big of a deal. Now I am paying for all of that stuff by myself and there just is not any way that I can afford all of it, so the cable is the thing that goes.

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