Just Bought a New House

We have finally got all of the stuff done and finished the process of buying our first house. It was a lot more difficult than we would have liked and of course there were a lot of snags on the way. The only really problem with the house was that we needed to find someone who can exterminate termites in NYC. It was not in the house itself, but in one of the trees on the property. It is certainly close enough to the house where you want to be safe rather than sorry, so we got rid of them as quickly as we figured out what we had to do. I am not really sure how they could have gotten in the house, since we have a brick facade on the structure and it seems as though leaves them with very few points of entry. There is woodwork on the eaves, but apart from that the only wood is in the entrance to the crawlspace. There is a little door about three feet high and not quite that wide. I did not really want to do it, but I got a set of coveralls and I went under there with a big flashlight. It was not as though I really knew what I was doing, but of course after the guy told me about the termites in the yard I had to figure out if they had got in the house. I was down there looking around and obviously it was not as though I really had a great idea of what I was looking for. I did not find any damage, but it was not something that I was confident in. So I decided to figure out who would be able to check out the problem and know what they were looking for as well.

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