Keeping Food Fresh for Longer

Keeping our foods fresh is one of the most challenging hurtles that we face in today’s world. For any country, whether first or third, extending the shelf life of our food is a priority. I have looked into several different methods to achieve this, whether it’s from utilizing preservatives into our food during preparation or something akin to modified atmosphere packaging. Personally, I would like us to avoid most preservatives unless we focus on more short term types such as salt. Modified Atmosphere is a great technique as it controls the levels of specific chemicals within the storage container, ensure that they are appropriate to preserve whatever is being held in the container. It is more advanced with the drawback being that not many individuals themselves would be able to perform this technique without proper tools or guidance to ensure that the food will be kept safe. I truly believe that techniques preserving food should be taught to those who live in the poorest parts of the world.

Food is already scarce if attainable at all and preserving what they do have is key. So much food can go to rot quickly and without warning. If it is appropriately protected from fundamental forces that encourage rot and decay, then they would have the ability to build up supplies of food and regulate their supply completely. We cannot allow countries to go without. The answer is not simply to give them food again and again but to give them the methods in which they will be able to sustain themselves for years to come, rather than depending upon food aids doled out every month. The system that we currently have in place is not sustainable and will only cause further economic and social damage to the parties involved, increasing corruption and decreasing the likelihood of economic success.

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