Leasing a New Place for Mom in Jacksonville, Florida

My mom was in the hospital in Florida. My wife and I were on the phone all of the time with her, the hospital and doctors. It would be so much easier if we could just stay there to help her through this. Mom moved to Florida to be close to her sister, but she is much older than mom and not able to care for her. My wife and I both work from home. We have our own business. There are no kids. It is just us and our dog. I looked at an ad that said click here for nice Jacksonville apartments. I took a look to see if we could afford a place for the time it would take to help her recover.

Her prognosis was good and mom was a fighter. She told us to not even bother coming down. That is how she is. However, she would need therapy and a few months at a minimum to recover. I figured that my wife and I could travel back and forth as needed if we could afford a nice apartment in Jacksonville. I did not want us to move into something that mom could not stay at. Her place with her sister is just way too small for hospital beds and other stuff.

We found a really nice place in Jacksonville. The apartments are spacious, modern, clean and have all new appliances. My plan is to have mom just continue living in the apartment we rented to take care of her in. She is expected to make a full recovery from her accident in a few months. We would keep her on track for therapy and doctor visits. There is room for her sister there now, but she is a little stubborn. She may or may not move in with mom when we leave. At least mom now has a nice place to live.

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