No Longer on the Street

I finally feel like I have a home in the Austin apartments, after being on the street for so long. I ran away from home in my teen years because I had a troubled life with my parents. I feared for my life by staying with them, so I left while I still could. I didn’t have any relatives to go to, so I slept wherever I could. Being homeless is no picnic, and I wouldn’t ever want to do it again. Years later, my luck turned around. A kind person gave me a little money while I was on the street. It was a lot more money than I was used to seeing from generous people. I used some of that money to get something to eat, and then used the rest to buy a cheap suit from the thrift store.

I went around to multiple places to apply for jobs, hoping that at least one person would give me a chance. I received a few rejections, but one company reached out to me and gave me an interview. They liked me enough to give me a job, and I told them that I didn’t have a phone or a home address because I was homeless. The boss was nice enough to give me a company phone and give me an early pay so that I could find a place to live, and let me stay at his place until I could find a place.

From searching, I found my apartment complex and now I’m on my own, but in a good way. I can support myself and not have to think about those days when I was living on the street. I haven’t seen my parents in so long, but the last thing I’ve heard is that they’ve gone to jail because of a crime they committed.

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